The song has its origins in the early 1970's and should be sung after each match win, lose or draw.

The tune is to the hymn known as "Bread of Heaven" (more properly known as "Cwm Rhondda", or "Guide Me, oh Thou Great Jehovah").

Unsure of the tune? It seems that many players in the club are!

You can hear a rousing Welsh chorus sing the original here: Bread of Heaven

“We don’t play for adoration,
We don’t play for victory,
We just play for recreation,
Merry gentlemen are we.

Balls to (opponent),
Balls to (opponent),
We won’t play you anymore,
We won’t play you anymore.”

('cause we gave you a...)

sheet music to Bread of Heaven

And, in case you haven't seen it on the Hippos' page:

The Old Grosvenorians' version of We Don’t Play for Adoration (rip-off)



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