Listed below are the results of all games played by Colts teams from 1960's on.  The games results are also provided in 5 year periods.

Colts results

Colts 2008-2012 U20 1

Colts 2008-2012 U20 2

Colts 2008-2012 U18 1

Colts 2008-2012 U18 2

Colts 2003-2007

Colts 1998-2002

Colts 1993-1997

Colts teamb 1993-1997

Colts 1988-1992

Colts teamb 1988-1992

Colts 1983-1987

Colts teamb 1983-1987

Colts 1978-1982

Colts teamb 1978-1982

Colts 1973-1977

Colts teamb 1973-1977

Colts 1968-1972

Colts teamb 1968-1972

Colts 1963-1967

Colts teamb 1963-1967

Colts 1960-1962

Colts teamb 1960-1962 



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